More Like Hallo-Teen… Pregnancy


AMERICANIDOLTODD.JPGHalloween is one of the most joyous times of the year for Pagans: It’s the one day slutty older women show their true colors, the one day plushophiles can fulfill their fetish outdoors, and a day when morbidly obese children can eat candy in the open rather than binge eat in hiding as per yoozh. In addition, the littlest ones can dress up as their favorite cartoon character, neighborhood hobo, ghost, or something else equally innocent…

OR SO WE THOUGHT. Apparently, dressing up like a slutty old lady has now infected even the tiniest of girls. Because now, young “ladies” can dress up like an American Idol contestant, replete with tacky tops, fishnet sleeves, flared pants and platform sandals marked with the American Idol insignia.* And the best news? Now your toddler can look like the littlest failure in the country! But don’t fret, fellas, Clay Aiken is available also. Our one real problem is that nobody seems to offer a Bo Bice costume… oh, no, wait… never mind.

*Mini-side-note: What is the world coming to?

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