While You Were Feering So Ronery



  • Carlos Mencia gave TMZ a tour of “his wheels”. Surprisingly enough, they’re not all tricked-out low riders. Who would have known? I mean, he’s such a beaner!
  • From the looks of his bright new shiner, it would seem that DJ AM maybe should have thought twice about giving his homey K-Fed a spin on the decks.
  • Lindsay Lohan’s mother says she’d like to see her daughter follow in Angelina Jolie’s footsteps and star in an action movie. Personally, I think we’ve already seen Coke Whore Force: Slap-fights At Hyde quite enough.
  • Please god someone tell us who the latest “mystery man” random LA pseudo-hipster douchebag in Nicole Richie’s life is. We positively MUST know!
  • The Nicole-Paris reconciliation is now totally official, as the two ladies had their obligatory make-up sex together. Paris even let Nicole borrow some of her clothes on the way out. Aww.
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