Shuffling Towards The Weekend: morning theft


holmes.jpgMorning Theft is an NYC band via Boston that sounds a little bit like Nirvana, a little bit like The Replacements, and a whole lot like Awesome (does that even make sense?) They’ll be playing a Halloween show in Cambridge, MA where they cover Weezer’s blue album from beginning to end, so if you’re in the Boston area you can’t miss it (you can find out more about it and listen to a few tracks on their MySpace page, natch.) Lead singer Rob Holmes sat down in the BWE iPod Shuffle chair today and threw caution to the wind. Let’s see how he did:

1.) Jeff Buckley “Corpus Christi Carol” – I named my band after a Jeff Buckley song. But not this one.
2.) Hole “Miss World” – One of the best songs Kurt Cobain ever wrote
3.) The Pixies “Down To The Well” – God, i love this band. Boston represent.
4.) The Replacements “Alex Chilton” – Something bugs me about the lyric “children by the million wait for alex chilton.” Stupid Mark Foley, ruining everything.
5.) Dane Cook “Where’s the Handle” – I love listening to comedy CDs, and i used to really really like Dane Cook… but seriously, Dane, what the hell? What is wrong with you? You’re like the new Ben Affleck….a Boston boy gone wrong.

Alright, now it’s your turn. Shuffle your iPod and leave your songs in the comments. And don’t lie!

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