The Office: Hitting My Soul in the Crotch with a Frozen Sledgehammer


DWIGHTRECORDER.JPGBefore we do a mini-recap of last night’s episode, we want to bring something slightly disturbing and very entertaining to your attention. Actress Kate Flannery, better known as Purell-ingesting Meredith, wrote a fantastic short story for the website Fresh Yarn called “Not Really a Star F#*ker.” It tells the tale of Kate, on the road as Alice the Maid in The Real Live Brady Bunch, and her months-long passionate love affair with… wait for it… DAVY JONES from The Monkees. Makes us love Kate/Meredith even more.

Moving along… Grief Counseling last night returned The Office back to it’s brilliant season 2 form, with enough quotable quotes to fill up at least an entire 13 minutes of watercooler chat. Most noteworthy thing: Ryan has a personality! He speaks! He’s involved! He had by far the funniest moment of the night, which I’d recap, but it would probably take me like a minute and half to tell that whole story. Also, I’m a sucker for beak humor, so this one really hit it out of the park. And Jim and Karen? Still pretty cute, albeit in a scripted kinda way. Leave your favorite moments/thoughts in the comments. (The deleted scene over at NBC should please you Toby fans out there.)

Finally, it appears that the writer’s of this show have seen one of my favorite movies ever: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Dwight’s robot drawing looked very similar to the drawing of John Travolta‘s portable orange bubble suit. Well played.

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