Jared Leto Not Too Punk & Edgy To Help Out a ‘MySpace Celebrity’ In Need of a Velvet Rope Savior


jaredtequila.JPGOne of the greatest pleasures of this job is getting to observe TMZ’s footage of the little One Act plays performed nightly at the velvet rope outside of Hyde Nightclub, in which some J-lister tries lying and name-dropping their way into Hollywood’s hottest place full of idiots. In this edition, prior to a 30 Seconds to Mars after-party, Tila Tequila, despite having a bajillion MySpace friends, gets repeatedly “shot down” (pun!) by Bouncer McMoustache. After her best efforts to convince him that Jared Leto is “her boyfriend” (even whipping out her Sidekick of Truth to proudly display a “cum 2 hyde & do me” text message sent to her by the manscara-wearing rock wannabe only minutes beforehand) prove unsuccessful, Leto himself shows up moments later and valiantly offers Tila a spot on his goth coattails as he sashays into the totally dark and mysterious dance club to drink Red Bull & Blood cocktails. For a guy who hates bloggers so much, we’re glad to know that his malice doesn’t include those bloggers who blog about pouring vodka on their tits. Also, we’re surprised Jared didn’t have his 30STM after-party in the basement of the parents of one of the message board fans he cares so much about? But I’m sure the “Echelon” kids were on the list.

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