Little Girls Love Belly Shirts!


Most of you are probably aware of the psychotic things that go on at child beauty pageants (and if the name Swan Brooner rings any bells, you’re probably too familiar with it), but we were never privy to the world of haute couture for little girls. Sure, we knew it existed, but we truly had no idea fashion shows existed for this kind of thing. Today, we were introduced to Miss Blumarine, the toddler verzh of Blumarine for adults, and it’s kind of sweet… like how this little girl is exposing her midriff even though the remainder of her outfit gives every indication it’s the dead of winter:


Then there’s this outfit, from designer Agatha Ruzz de la Prada, which we’ve dubbed “A Pedophiliac Superhero”:


Boris Becker‘s model/daughter/recessive-gene carrier after the jump!

Finally, check out this mini-model, Boris Becker‘s daughter Anna, who seems just as psyched about her father’s gingy-gene as she is about her $5,000 funerary attire:


We can’t wait til they’re big enough to hit their maids in the face!

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