BWE Exclusive: Padma Lakshmi Is a Literal Pothead


padma.JPGAccording to a source who worked on the set of Top Chef, the ex-model turned trophy wife turned hostess Padma Lakshmi allegedly enjoys smoking pot on set, giving a whole new meaning to the term “Quickfire Challenge” — see, cause she’s allegedly lighting up a joint instead of a stove! Anyway. Exactly how often this happened is disputed, though we were assured it was allegedly “fairly regularly.”

But really, is this shocking? An addiction to marijuana would actually serve to explain a lot of strange Padma-related phenoms, such as:

  • Her large appetite (remember, she’s an ex-model)
  • Her detached, soulless vocal inflections
  • Her insane outfit choices
  • The strainge “itch” she got in the back of her throat during this week’s Hawaiian challenge
  • Why she speaks soooo slooooowly
  • Why she married Salman Rushdie
  • Why she seems high all the time.

On second thought, that still doesn’t explain the outfits. Allegedly.

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