COMEDY WARS: Rogan Banned From the Comedy Store For Telling the Truth About Mencia’s Lies


roganmencia2.JPGNow, I’ve had my issues with Joe Rogan in the past, but I’ll certainly express empathy for his current plight in the great Exposing of Mencia Incident of ’07. His standing up and calling attention to Carlos Mencia’s shameful – and repeated – thefts of intellectual property was the kind of bold, ballsy behavior that is all but forgotten in the entertainment industry of today. Like Howard Beale from Network, Rogan was “mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore” when it came to standing by and watching a walking collection of stolen racial jokes turn himself into the most dominating force in Latino entertainment since Menudo. Now, Joe’s courageous stand against unoriginality and fraudulence has left him banned from The Comedy Store in LA, where Rogan has been performing over the last 13 years. If you watched the video, know enough about comedy to know that Carlos is a joke thief, and wish to express your displeasure with the Comedy Store’s decision, contact them here:

(323) 656-6225

Team Rogan.

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