Visiting BWE Mecca: Esther’s Hair Salon


BRITNEY BALD ESTHERS.JPGThe things I do for you people. Last weekend, I found myself in the very beautiful Los Angeles, California, doing my usual New York winter activities (outlet shop, binge eat) to the tune of a breezy 75 degrees. And while I didn’t see too many celebrities (save for the handsome Jonathan Schaech — though I never got to pitching my klezmer drama That Thing You Jew), I did manage to accidentally squeeze in a trip to Best Week Ever Mecca… Esther Tognozzi’s Hair Salon in Encino, CA.

What I was doing in Encino isn’t important (gorging on Japanese BBQ, if you must know). But when the California natives I was dining with broke the news that Esther’s was only a block away, my body was replaced with a smoke outline of my figure, and Back to the Future firemarks were left in my wake. Esther’s is where history was made! Where Britney Spears insisted on shaving her head, grabbed the clippers and transformed herself into G.I. Insane! To pop-culture-philes like you and me, it wouldn’t feel right not going.

And guess what, people? The place is a sh*thole. A literal hole of sh*t. It took me a few minutes to believe that the white stucko nightmare I was looking at was the site of 2007’s biggest breakdown. Still, I placed a hand on the glass door, stared inside, and saw a montage of future Britney breakdowns flash before my eyes, Terminator-style. I won’t share them all, but let’s just say she is about to get morbidly, morbidly obese.

After the jump, all the dark and blurry pictures of Esther’s your heart could ever desire. We hope you appreciate the things we do.

No, seriously, it’s sh*ttier in person.

The number, in case you want to jazz up your look. Might I recommend this and this.

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