Dr. Bill Dorfman: Dentist to the Stars!



Ladies and gentlemen, it is my grand pleasure to re-introduce you do Dr. Bill Dorfman: Dentist to the Stars! You might remember Dr. Dorfman (or, as he asks his patients to call him “Dr. Dorf” or “Dr. D” or “Dockie D!”) from his appearances on the Frankensteinian reality show “Extreme Makeover”, where he aided the country’s tired, poor, and muddled asses with brand new veneers and a Costco-sized tub of Vazline. And just when you thought you’d never have to look at his shoe-polished and unnaturally tight hairline again, he’s back. Well of course he is! He’s a dentist….. TO THE STAHS! Just check out that picture of him with Donald Trump! Name one other dentist who has actually shaken hands with the Donald Trump? You can’t! And you won’t. Plus, as his website assures us, not only is he a dentist, he’s also an “energy-brimming inventor”… whatever the hell that means.

Dr. Dorf’s latest celebrity clientele? None other than Britney Spears, who was once again rushed to the hospital yesterday for some more emergency dental work — apparently, an emergency tooth whitening. So if you live in the L.A. area and need a thorough pearly-whitening and/or a David Gest lookalike for parties, get your SAG card polished and ring up Dr. Billy D. Dorfman, DDS… to the stars!

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