LISTEN UP: Sanjaya, Only Relevant For a Few More Weeks, We Swear



  • The sounds of World’s End Girlfriend is a little strange, sure, but what else would you expect from a Japanese band that produces lush soundscapes with moments of insanity? Worth your time and meditation at Shameless Complacency.
  • Our favorite old timey track today is Roberta Flack covering “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Flashback at The World Forgot.
  • It’s Battlefield Earth: The Album! Seriously. No, really, John Travolta is listening to it right now. And you can too! Thanks to ANABlog!
  • Your mix of the week, featuring various Buckleys and Lyle Lovett, courtesy of Aural Fitness.
  • Finally, Anti-Sanjaya Malakar-ites, your time has come. Show your support with one of these Goodbye-A Sanjaya tees found on Stereogum.
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