BACK IN ’07: Tremendous Made For TV Movies With UN-BELIEVALBLE Casts


As great as television has gotten over the past couple of years– with shows like Lost and 24 and CSI– it’s been glaringly obvious that something’s been missing. What is it, you might ask? Simple- tremendous Made for TV Movies with unbelievable casts. Up until the mid-90’s, they were somewhat common occurances. Who didn’t love specials like Mother Goose’s Rock N’ Rhyme featuring stars like Bobby Brown, Woody Harrelson, Blondie, and Howie Mandel? Or Camp Cucamonga starring Jennifer Aniston, Urkel, Winnie Cooper, Candace Cameron and every other relevant sitcom star of the day. And let’s not even talk about 1985’s Alice In Wonderland that featured everybody from John Stamos to Sammy Davis Jr. to Scott Baio to Ringo Starr. There was something unbelievably awesome about seeing a mishmash of celebrities alongside one another on screen, and dammit, it’s sad that it never happens anymore (barring lame tragedy concerts, of course). That’s why it’s time to bring big, oversized movies starring a bunch of people we want to see on screen together BACK in ’07. Just watch this clip of Sherman Hemsley dressed as a mouse singing about why he hates dogs & cats and you’ll agree.

See? They have to come back. What else do you want to see Back in ’07? Let us know in the comments.

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