Apparently Abusing Children Is Only Funny in America



If there’s one thing we all have in common, as Americans, it’s that we love watching little kids getting the s**t beat out of them on film. From Adam Sandler pegging children in the head during a game of dodgeball in Billy Madison to Peyton Manning chucking footballs & cursing out poor kids on SNL, we love it all. America agrees- cartoonish childish abuse is funny. But you know who doesn’t think it’s funny? Canadians.


The folks at Deadspin have alerted us to a Toronto Blue Jays commercial that’s been banned in Canada because it features Designated Hitter Frank Thomas hitting a kid– hard– with a pillow. Yeah, that’s right– a pillow.This is really upsetting. If Frank Thomas– a man whose nickname is “The Big Hurt”– can’t hit a kid with a pillow and get a laugh, what does that say about Canada’s sense of humor? Are we really that different than our neighbo(u)rs from up North? Are we going to have to put “comedy” alongside hockey, poutine and Howie Mandel as things that just don’t translate when you cross the border? I hope not. We were doing so well following Mike Myers, Jim Carrey and Pam Anderson’s acceptance in the 90’s– it’d be sad to see all that hard work go to waste.

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