IN ODDER NEWS: San Fran Blows



  • The mayor of San Francisco is catching heat for simulating oral sex on a microphone. On the bright side, I think that’s the only thing he can catch from a microphone.
  • An online Christian ministry has begun a Porn & Pancakes program for men to discuss how pornography has negatively affected their lives. And when they’re done with that, to exchange porn site passwords and masturbation tips.
  • A woman’s house was ransacked after a fake craigslist ad invited people to come over and take whatever they want. Luckily the ad didn’t attract any of the “Casual Encounter” perverts, or the lady could’ve lost a whole lot more than just her belongings.
  • MTV has announced that The Hills will return for a third season. And sadly, viewers probably will too.
  • Disney is worried that Keith Richards‘ joke (?) about snorting his father’s ashes will hurt the new Pirates of the Caribbean film that he has a cameo in. Because Pirates are supposed to just rape & pillage, not snort people. That’s just gross.
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