Was Michael Buble Drunk on American Idol?


This is the question being asked by Leslie Gray Streeter, columnist for the Palm Beach Post, who picked up on some interesting clues last night during Michael Buble‘s sorta bloatskies performance on American Idol. To wit:

Is it just me, or did dude’s version of “Call Me Irresponsible” seem a little…off? Shaky? Slurry like a yuppie who came to get blitzed at Happy Hour and stayed for karaoke?

He’s still hotter and more tuneful than most shaky-slurry guys, but there was a ruddy, sweaty thing going on in that performance that I’ve never seen in
all the times I’ve seen him, including one live concert. And in my experience, shaky-ruddy sometimes means “drunk off your butt.”

We’ve watched the clips now no less than 3 dozen times, and agree — Buble seems trashed. But listen: On a show featuring an Indian Eunich, a Bald Bat Boy, and No Neck McGinty, wouldn’t you be? Judge for yourself.

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