IN ODDER NEWS: Fairy Tales Do Come True


  • Disney has changed its policy and will now allow same-sex couples to participate in its popular Fairy Tale Wedding program. Because it’s about time homosexuals are given the same rights as cartoon rodents.
  • Coca Cola has taken legal action against the producers of an Italian film that depicts Jesus drinking Coke in the desert. He was clearly a Diet Coke kind of guy.
  • Radio talk-show host Don Imus upset some people by calling the Rutgers’ women’s basketball team “nappy headed ho’s.” Most upset of all? The nappy-headed ho’s.
  • A Vegas magician claims Anna Nicole Smith performed oral sex on him after he levitated her for a segment of her reality TV show. She figured one good trick deserved another.
  • According to the NFL Network, Larry David has been talking to the NY Jets about their draft needs. Officials say his advice was pretty… pretty… pretty good.