Paris Gets Absurd, Then Embarrassed, Then Angry



This just in: making fun of Paris Hilton is officially off-limits. In a related story, every entertainment blog across the world has closed up shop and announced there’s no reason to go on anymore. Mission accomplished.

Okay, seriously now, imagine if we weren’t allowed to make fun of Paris anymore? Well, apparently her lawyers are trying to make that a reality. According to Page 6, our buddy Michael K over at DListed received a letter from Paris’ lawyer demanding he remove a picture on his site that was created by the Gallery of the Absurd. The letter read:

“This poster clearly implies Ms. Hilton has loathsome diseases and also implies Ms. Hilton uses Vicodin. The inferences . . . are false and de famatory.”

Okay- this is upsetting on so many levels. One, Paris’ lawyer must be as braindead as she is if he’s threatening Michael K and not, you know, the person who actually made it. Two, if cartoons of Paris are off-limits, I wonder how her lawyers felt about the South Park episode a couple of years back that implied Paris could stick an entire pineapple up her vajayjay ? I think that’s a little more defmatory than implying she uses drugs. And finally, proving that her lawyers are completely missing the boat, it’s clear that in the picture Paris is the one using Valtrex and Nicole Richie is the one using Vicodin. Um, obviously.

So cartoonists of the world: beware. Drawing mean pictures of Paris Hilton might be dangerous. Not for you, per se, but for people who support you. Keep that in mind the next time you want to imply that she has “loathsome diseases.” No one is safe.

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