Keith Richards Is F’ing Hilarious (and Crazy)


keith richards.jpgAt this point, it doesn’t really matter if Keith Richards snorted his father’s ashes or if it was all a big joke– the damage has been done. It took longer than it should have, but by declaring that he attempted to get high off his dead father, the ancient rock n’ roller-slash-druggie has finally cemented his place in the Crazy Celebrity Hall of Fame alongside people like Ozzy Osbourne and Iggy Pop. He’s finally entered that elite class where we as a society kind of have to believe that any story written about Keith– no matter how crazy it sounds– might actually be true. Like, for example, this story about Keith throwing a child’s pet canary out the window after mistaking it for an alarm clock.

Hellraiser Keith Richards once threw a child’s canary out of a window after it disturbed his hangover headache.

Richards picked up the canary, which belonged to bandmate Ron Wood’s then five-year-old son Jamie, and threw it out of the window believing it was an alarm clock.

Congratulations Keith! One month ago this story would have been a little upsetting. Today, it’s adorable. You did it, buddy! Now it’s smooth, crazy sailing from here on out.

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