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  • WORTH THE TREK: Rosario Dawson came out as a Trekkie who speaks Klingon on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Not surprisingly, her “coming out” got nerds more excited than George Takei’s did.(Horny Oyster)
  • SHAVE THE CHEERLEADER: Hayden Panttiere doesn’t want to be mistaken for Lindsay Lohan. Especially when she’s licking boobs and acting like Lindsay Lohan. (Egotastic)
  • HARDLY WORKING: Apparently actors make more money portraying characters with jobs than the regular people who actually have these jobs. Which is shocking, because I could’ve sworn that every desperate housewife made $5 million a year.(Defamer)
  • SUCKING IN: Britney Spears has denied that she’s had liposection. C’mon, like she’d do something all crazy like that! (Hollywood Rag)
  • PARTY MONSTER: Dina Lohan was spotted out drinking with a group of 20-year-olds. Or maybe it was Lindsay. Honestly, who can tell those two apart these days? (Celebslam)
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