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  • PRAYERS, VITAMINS, PRENUPS: Is Hulk Hogan thinking about getting a divorce? Couldn’t he and his wife just resolve their problems like adults with a steel cage match instead? (I’m Not Obsessed)
  • MR. & MRS. RICH: Brad and Angelina are buying a $270 million yacht. And then, once they finish adopting two babies from every country in the world, they’ll be ready for the flood. (Hot Online News)
  • LOCK THE LIQUOR CABINET: Lindsay Lohan and Colin Farrell have reportedly both signed on to star in a drama together. And, in leiu of money, they’ve agreed to be paid solely in condoms. (Just Jared)
  • NEVER SAY NEVERLAND: It looks like Michael Jackson is close to selling Neverland for $20 million. Or, in MJ speak, for 3 sleepovers, 2 handys and approximately 4.5 “just don’t tell anybody”s. (Idolator)
  • F FOREVER: Pete Doherty and Kate Moss are, indeed, getting married. Then divorced. Then they’re going to rehab. Then they’ll get out and Pete will O.D. Then Kate will tearfully appear on Larry King Live. And write a book. And quietly disappear into the night. Whoops, sorry about that. Didn’t mean to ruin the ending. (Hollywood Rag)
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