Other Things That Could Potentially Offend The Rutgers’ Women’s Basketball Team


nappy headed ho.jpgThe Rutgers’ women’s basketball team’s long, painful nightmare is over. Don Imus– the EVIL Don Imus– is off the air and we as a nation are safe again.

Of course, this isn’t all good for our favorite band of nappy headed… I’m not going to say it. With Imus out of the picture, what are these media savvy athletes going to do for attention now? No Imus means no more Oprah, no more headlines, and no more relevance… that is, unless they could find something else to complain about. Why stop with Imus- there are plenty of things out there to be offended about.

  • NBC is racist. Why else would they cancel The Black Donnellys?
  • They just realized that Ludacris’ song about ho’s in different area codes neglects Rutgers’ 732.
  • By shaving her head and going to rehab, Britney Spears went from an honorary Nappy Headed Ho’ to just a ho’. The nerve.
  • Whatever happened to Nappy Roots? Why haven’t they released a new album? Why aren’t they stepping up now, when we need them? It’s just plain wrong.
  • This Sanjaya bulls*t. Period.
  • If Al Sharpton was really on their side, why wouldn’t he let his nappy hair be nappy? Hypocrite.
  • Remember that WWE Wrestler in the late 90’s named The Godfather who walked to the ring with a bunch of women he nicknamed “The Ho’ Train’? In retrospect, that’s kind of offensive.
  • And finally, no one– and I mean no one– should ever call a vagina this. Ever.

So you see, this is just the beginning for the ladies of Rutgers. Get crackin’ girls- you have a lot of work to do.

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