ICYMI: Some Chick Gits ‘Er Larry the Cable Guy Tickets Done By Making Out With Her Own Mother


A couple of kooky redneck morning show DJ’s known as Mark Genny & Dahmer (in the world of shock rock radio, the only handle better than a zoo animal is a serial killer) confirmed pretty much every stereotype one could possibly have formed about slack-jawed rural Floridians with this little stunt, in which they convince some chick to make out with her own mother (tongue and all) for a pair of tickets to see comedian Larry the Cable Guy. If my description of this horrific event isn’t enough for you, feel free to watch the video below (the magic happens around 7:45) and see for yourself. After you clean up your vomit, try to visualize the awesome time these two classy ladies had that night, enjoying a complimentary evening’s worth of Larry’s hilarious musings on huntin’, trailer parks and why mom-on-daughter incest is actually pretty hot. Git ‘er done!

(Thanks to Brian Palmer for the tip!)

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