Saying Goodbye to The Best Job Ever


cruel world.jpgFor those of you who missed my spoiler alert in last week’s Ode to Zach Braff post, it may come as a surprise to learn that today is my last day working at Best Week I’ll give you a moment to collect yourselves. [2, maybe 3 seconds pass. at the most]

Better? Good. I’ve had a great time writing on this site and it’s not easy moving on. I’m going to miss telling people that I write jokes about Britney Spears’ vagina for a living, I’m going to miss watching celebrity sex tapes at work and I’m going to miss getting advanced copies of CD’s like Kevin Federline’s Playing With Fire and Paris Hiltons’ Paris. Actually… maybe I won’t miss that.

I can’t leave without thanking you guys; the readers. Yeah, I know it’s cliche, but whatever. Deal with it. Thanks for calling me out on my b.s., diasagreeing with me when I knew I was right, and pointing out every grammatical error and typo when I was blogging hungover. You made me a better person. Okay, that’s a lie. You made me a better blogger. That’s better.

Anyway, I’m not going too far. If you ever find yourself thinking, “Hey, I wonder whatever happened to that Bob guy who constantly posted about Lindsay Lohan’s firecrotch” you can head over here and check out The Post Show, or just add us on MySpace where we can be friends forever. Or can drop by Hyde, walk over to the VIP section and find me hanging out with Brandon Davis and his fat brother. In fact, just do that. It’d be a better story.

Okay- I littered the requisite amount of celebrity names into my goodbye post to ensure that it’s Best Week Ever-y enough. Done and done. On that note, I’m out of here. Be nice to Michelle and Alex. Actually, scratch that- just be nice to Michelle. Rock on.


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