Pregnant Midgets And The Giants Who Love Them: Only on The Insider


Were you planning on going out tonight? Stop. Cancel your plans. You’ve got a date with The Insider instead. Check out the story here and the teaser below to see why. Some questions you may have: Is that a little person? Yes. Is she pregnant? Indeed. Is her husband 6-foot-4 and will the cameraman have the two of them stand side-by-side and then slowly pan up their bodies to accentuate the difference? Absolutely. And–just so I’m completely clear on what’s gonig on here–will The Insider take this story on the world’s shortest pregnant woman and milk it like it’s a 12-teated mutant cow? You better f*cking believe it. Just check out that end footage of how she has to slide down the stairs in a serpantine, undulating motion because she has short legs. Journalism!

So if you’re looking for a classy Friday night date, give The Insider a go. Alternately, now that you’ve seen the teaser, you could totally skip the show. Every segment is so short, their actual stories only last about 30 seconds longer than the teasers anyway.

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