What Happened To Kirsten Dunst’s Feet?



Just Jared posted these highly suspicious pictures of Kirsten Dunst‘s feet, which seem to be covered in some sort of dye. It’s a strange occurrence, especially since pictures of Kiki walking down the red carpet a few hours earlier at a Spiderman 3 premiere showed a nicer, cleaner, ivory foot.

So what the hell is on her foot? Here are a few of our theories, feel free to leave your own in the comments:

  • Kirsten tried to steal a sack of money left by Keanu Reeves in a downtown LA garbage bin. When opened, dye sprayed all over her body, to which Kiki screamed “My money!”
  • Messy t-pon incidente.
  • Did somebody say rasberry wine?
  • One of Paris Hilton‘s menagerie of hand-held animals finally went apesh*t at the after-party, biting the Louboutined feet of dozens of guests.
  • Heroine feet.
  • Stigmata.
  • Fruit Roll-up puke stains like a bitch!

We give up. Your turn.

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