LISTEN UP: Blagg Thru Radio



  • If you’ve never checked out the highly useful site, now is the perfect time, because they’re featuring none other than Alex Blagg and his music picks in their weekly “Bloggeratti” feature. Tune in to see which songs he thinks you should be listening to, though knowing Alex, I’m predicting it’ll just be the “Garden State” soundtrack in its entirety.
  • KNK Music taunts us because they’re going to the Feist concert tonight and we’re not. Yeah? Well at least I’m downloading your free Feist mp3s and listening to them a bunch of times. So, you know, take that.
  • I am Fuel, You Are Friends features an astonishing collection of some of my favorite bands, featuring Talking Heads, The Ramones, Guided By Voices, Pavement, and more stuff that’s so damn lo-fi, it’s not even recorded.
  • Speed of Dark has a sweet mp3 of My Morning Jacket covering George Michael’s “Careless Whisper,” as well as some Decemberists, Spoon, a live Radiohead, and some other stuff that’s disappointing because it’s not My Morning Jacket covering “Careless Whisper.”
  • Finally, Hate Something Beautiful sends us into the weekend with an uncharacteristically dancy track from Patrick Wolf, accompanied by colorful pictures of Wolf’s eccentric bandmates onstage. I think this page counts as an entry in the Tribeca Film Festival.
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