LISTEN UP: Morrissey Turns 48, Is Presumably Miserable



  • The Music Slut celebrates Morrissey’s 48th birthday with the ridiculous Smiths song, “Unhappy Birthday,” a song which I am extremely glad my parents never sang to me on my birthday. They usually did “How Soon Is Now.”
  • Culture Bully reveals some tracks by Broken Social Scene, Les Savy Fav, and The Raveonettes put out by, interestingly enough, Adult Swim. My question is, who does the Braking vocals? (lol’ing at self, getting punched by nearby officemates).
  • Recidivism offers up some classics (XTC, Big Star) and some perks (Battles, River City Tanlines) on what is perhaps the most weirdly comprehensive page on the internet. Besides the Wikipedia entry for “The Office,” of course.
  • The Veils hail from New Zealand, sing with fluttery, half-jarring vocals, and have a name made up of “The” and a random plural noun, scoring them a 68 out of 74 on the Indie-o-meter. They also score highly on the Actually-Good-o-Meter. (Water Cooler Gossip)
  • Finally, a re-examination of one of the most notoriously bad records in music history, Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music.” Download it and decide for yourself – is it really that bad? Yes it is… Or is it??? Yep. But… is it really? Yes, it absolutely, definitely is. (
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