LISTEN UP: Hungry For Some Wolves


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  • Any fans of Ratatat or The Knife might want to explore the heavy synth grooves of We Are Wolves featured over at Hate Something Beautiful. That’s right, another ‘wolf’ band, though they don’t sound as much like Patrick Wolf or Wolf Parade as they do like the bands Wolfie McWolfenstein and Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Wolf Music Wolf.
  • The Monolith Festival is shaping up to be another event that I’m going to hate because it’s not in New York; Each Note Secure celebrates the stacked lineup with an mp3 of the Flaming Lips covering Bowie’s “Life On Mars” sung entirely through a megaphone, which makes the whole thing sound like they’re trying to talk a music blogger down from committing suicide.
  • The next time someone tells you that a song is “really weird,” yawn really loudly in their face, go to this page on WFMU, play one of these mp3s for them, then in your D-baggiest voice possible, tell them to stop wasting your time. Mixing John Cage with Sun Ra is like mixing green olives with Calvinism.
  • I still don’t really like Spoon, but Culture Bully generously gives us an entire live concert of theirs from 2006. Which is kind of like being handed a giant bucket full of marshmallow Peeps. Feel free to dig into mine.
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff is back??? That’s awesome, but I could’ve sworn I grabbed him my the collar and threw him out of my house. (Kwaya Na Kisser)
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