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  • The Huffington Post yesterday confirmed tmz’s allegations that Andy Roddick’s biceps were Photoshopped to appear larger on his recent Men’s Fitness magazine cover. The truth is, Roddick is a flabby, unathletic mess, and this scandal is just another reason why Mandy Moore should be sleeping with me. Right?
  • Yankees free-agent bust Carl Pavano is undergoing season-ending elbow surgery, likely ending his tenure with the team. In accordance with Yankee team policy, Pavano will have his number retired, gain Hall of Fame entrance, and a two-hour piece, “Pavano: 19 Games of Glory,” will air daily on the YES network.
  • Card manufacturer Upper Deck has made an offer to purchase Topps, the lovable, nostalgia-inducing, hard-ass-gum-having baseball card company that I grew up with. It’s kind of like Sony making an offer to purchase Milton Bradley, or Pokemon making an offer to purchase Transformers.
  • Tampa Bay Devil Rays manager Joe Maddon elected to bench outfielder Elijah Dukes last night after he allegedly threatened his wife and child. Said Maddon, “The Devil Rays organization is not going to sacrifice its morals and dignity in our pursuit of fourth place.”
  • A welterweight boxer named Zab Judah had his father impersonate him on a promotional conference call as a prank to members of the media. Reporters caught on, however, when Judah kept mispronouncing names of bands, asking about really old girlfriends, and mentioning that he thinks Morgan Freeman is a very good actor.
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