LISTEN UP: Does “Bee Movie” Have a Soundtrack Yet?


The Bees

  • The Bees are straight-up, brassy, funky fun, even if they are more of a throwback than an orange Astros jersey with a Mr. Bubble logo on it literally being thrown backwards. (The Stypod)
  • Not to be confused with The Bees, The Maccabees also make a welcome iPod addition, if you dig Bloc Party. Indietastic only has three of their tracks, but they miraculously play for eight crazy nights.
  • Azltron is having a dancy Thursday with three tracks and a video from The Faint to prepare for their tour stop in majestic Buffalo. Will they be performing at T.G.I. Friday’s or Dave & Buster’s?
  • I have not met the uniquely cold-hearted individual who dislikes The Carter Family, even though they’re often depressing as sh*t. You know, someone should make a movie about June Carter. And have Reese Witherspoon play her. And call it, like, “Walk that Line.” (Sequenza21)
  • Finally, we discover that even on mp3s of Guided By Voices concerts, it feels like you’re getting sprayed by Miller Lite every time Robert Pollard opens his mouth. (Fluxblog)
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