LISTEN UP: Boys of Sprummer


Two Hours Traffic

  • Hero Hill announces an early entry in the running for Song of the Summer – a pleasant little tune by Two Hours Traffic called “Stuck For the Summer.” Might take more than one song to get through nine Lost-free months, though.
  • Brooklyn Vegan shares a wealth of lengthy dance remixes, including a sweet track from Chromeo and a bizarre 8-minute Hot Chip ordeal. What’s a Memorial Day cookout without lots of really staticy, blaring dance punk?
  • So Much Silence lets us in on an extremely charming track from Albert Hammond Jr, which, of course, just sounds exactly like The Strokes, if The Strokes were made up of Magnetic Fields and Apples in Stereo and sounded nothing like The Strokes at all.
  • The Gossip allegedly formed in Arkansas, relocated to Olympia, Washington, released a live album from New York City, and currently reside in Portland. I’m pretty sure they’re just three kids from Connecticut making stuff up as they go along. And Beth Ditto is actually two midgets in a costume. (
  • Finally, Music For Kids Who Cant Read Good introduces us to The Race, a Chicago-based band whom they aptly compare to Snowden. They sound just ok to me, but I got to be careful, I don’t want to come off as Racist.
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