LISTEN UP: Elvis Good Boy Deserves Fugazi



  • The Punk Guy hits the E’s, F’s, and G’s of live music, featuring can’t-miss tracks from Elvis Costello, Fugazi, Gang of Four, and Grizzly Bear, though nothing from e.e. cummings and no E.L. Fudge cookies.
  • You really have to see The Polyphonic Spree live to fully appreciate their bombast, but Tunes Consumed has two mp3s and a huge picture of the candy Sprees, which actually comes pretty close.
  • It’s funny to imagine Tim Buckley performing on The Monkees’ tv show in the late 60’s. It’s kind of like picturing Elliott Smith performing on Idol. Just makes lots of sense. (The Stypod)
  • A great blog page is a great blog page, even if I have some different opinions about “driving songs.” Well done, White Boy Dance Floor.
  • Quick word association game: I say Lil’ Wayne, you say – Alan Thicke? What?? Ohh, Robin Thicke. My bad.(Analog Giant)
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