Celine Dion’s Heart Struggles to Go On in a Post-Katrina World


You know the old saying — tragedy + time = comedy, right? As The Office‘s Michael Scott once said “There are certain topics that are off limits to comedians: JFK, Aids, the Holocaust. The Licoln assassination just recently became funny-I need to see this play like I need a hole in the head.” Well, the tragedy that was Hurricane Katrina is certainly still fresh in all of our minds, and I would argue that it’s certainly too soon to make fun of it.

But hopefully all of you will agree with me that there is a little bit of humor to be found in the following clip, taken from an interview from September 3, 2005, of Celine Dion appearing overly emotional on Larry King. Now, let me preface this by saying that I literally live for Celine Dion, think she’s a genius, love her and her music. But I also can’t deny that watching her make sense of this tragedy in her broken French-Canadian English, seeing her flick away her tears like to many liquid diamonds, well… it’s funny. So my apologies if this video is old, but frankly, I’m pretty sure it only just now became OK to laugh at it.

After the jump, a genius mash-up of the above!

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