EDDIE MURPHY: Gay, Straight, or Bisexual Circus Clown?


SCARY SPICE PIC1.JPGEddie Murphy might be one of the world’s greatest comedians and actors, but he’s also one of the bigger a-holes we’ve ever had the pleasure of coming across. First, he plans a baby with girlfriend at the time Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown, then dumps her and refuses her calls — even when the woman is in labor! Now, Scary Spice is lashing back, and seems ready to reveal some sordid, intimate details from their personal lives spent together. And if ever there was a way to raise red flags about Eddie Murphy’s personal life, it’s bringing up the fact that your “lifestyles” weren’t compatible. So, read the following item from the NY Daily News, and then answer the question that’s on all of our minds: Is Eddie Murphy gay, straight, or a bisexual circus clown?

There were certain things that went on in his house with his lifestyle that I wasn’t prepared to be a part of,” Brown says on essence.com. “I have a baby with this guy, so I have to be somewhat respectful. I’ll simply say that there were lifestyle changes that he would have to make if we were going to live together. … I don’t have people (Ed. Note: By people, does she mean bisexual circus clowns?) knocking on my door at 3 and 4 in the morning.”

You may remember that the actor was detained in the wee hours of May 2, 1997, after police found a transvestite prostitute in his car. Murphy insisted that he was just giving a lift to Atisone Kenneth Seiuli (aka Shalomar). “It’s not the first hooker I’ve helped out,” Murphy said at the time.

EDDIE MURPHY BI CIRC CLOWN.JPGTalking with Murphy about his “lifestyle” became “a trippy discussion, which ended up where we both refused to budge,” says Brown.She claims that, even though she was pregnant with his child, he didn’t have the decency to tell her their relationship was over.

“I went to London, and on my return flight I learned that he made that announcement about wanting a DNA test on that TV show. Then I saw him on the red carpet with Tracey Edmonds, and that’s when I knew we were over.”

Brown says that, shortly afterward, “I called him … [He said], ‘I’ll call you back’ – and he never did.”

“This was a completely planned pregnancy,” says Brown. “I called his
assistant to let her know I was going into labor. … And still nothing; not even a hello to the baby, not even a [diaper] or flowers.”

This is very, very troubling — we love Eddie Murphy… But despise bisexual circus clowns… especially ones that are bad fathers.

But seriously, folks, what sort of lifestyle was he leading? Other than one where he strapped on a jester’s cap, painted his face white, and seduced both men and women — especially ones with clown like hair (Scary Spice)? And, more importantly, how am I ever going to enjoy watching Dreamgirls again? Oh, easily? Thank God for that.

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