Isaiah Washington Saga Enters Presumably Straight Fantasy World


Isaiah FantasyI wasn’t sure anyone could keep up with Lindsay Lohan or Michael Vick in the “Wow, This Can’t Get Any Weirder — Wait Never Mind” Department, but Isaiah Washington may have just swooped in and snagged the title with his fierce NBC peacock claws. Defamer relays the story of how NBC lured Isaiah Washington to their network in the most “Eyes Wide Shut” Cult, bats*it insane way possible (or should I say eagles*it, or something?)

[NBC President of Programming Ben Silverman] brought out this cake, with a picture of himself as the peacock, and behind his head were the feathers of NBC. And below the cake were some talons, and under the talons was the symbol of ABC and the other networks. And he looks at me and says, ”You’re those talons. Blow out the cake.” And I looked at him and I said, ”You’ve gotta be kidding me. I just got here, I just met you, you’re being very kind, but this is your party.” And he says, ”No. No. You’re coming to NBC. Blow out the cake.”

This is how business is done in the world of network tv? Is it fitting that anyone who’d want to hire Isaiah Washington after hearing the loads of details about his on-set fights and publicity-poisoning homophobic remarks would have to be the kind of crazy, fantasy-world kind of dude to give someone a job offer with a damn symbolic talon cake?

Although, CBS did once give that cake shaped like a prostitute’s breasts with mounds of sugar on them to lure Charlie Sheen, and that show’s working out ok.

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