G.I. Seth Rogen Keeps It Real In High School Yearbook


Oh, Seth Rogen, you giant, successful, hilarious, strangely quite attractive, Jewfro’d young man you. Seth, who has quickly shot to insane stardom for a guy with such a quirky look, had already gotten a small taste of fame back in 2000, when he starred on Judd Apatow‘s cult hit Freaks and Geeks. That same year, he also graduated from something that people in the industry call “high school.” A classmate of his posted a scan of Seth’s senior class write up from the yearbook, written by Seth, on Oh No They Didn’t. And, well, it’s sort of too classic not to share. First of all — he looks amaymay. Second of all, he gets to do what so many of us wish we had — throw a big steaming cup of “WhoNeedsYa?” in the face of all of his teachers. Don’t get us wrong, we love teachers, but come on… the guy is living a dream here:


Amazingly, 7 years later, the Rogen Love Train is still operating at full stem ahead: He’s got FIVE movies slated for release in 2008, roughly 9 of which are going to break all box office records. So for now, Rogesky is still totally stickin’ it to the man. The man, in this example, being his trigonometry teacher.

Sorry, or wait, is Johan Hill the hot new It Boy? Who can keep it straight anymore?

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