BWE SLANG: The “Reverse Savage”


REVERSE SAVAGE.JPGWe’d like to submit a new phrase into your pop culture lexicon. That phrase being the “Reverse Savage.” A definition:

The Reverse Savage: c. 2007. (rÄ­-vûrs’ săv’Ä­j). Reverse: Middle English revers, from Old French, from Latin reversus. A change to an opposite position, condition, or direction; To exchange the positions of; transpose. Savage: c. 1976, From the Chicago, Illinois Savages, From Fred Savage, child actor. From The Boy Who Could Fly, Vice Versa, and Little Monsters.

The Reverse Savage
is a term indicating a child star who was once not that cute, and then grew up to be extremely cute. It derives from the child star Fred Savage, who, as the main character on The Wonder Years, was an extremely crush-worthy youngster with an adorable face. Once grown, however, his youthful features morphed into a sort of unusual adult male face, the result being the man was no longer nearly as adorable, his career dead in the water.

The Reverse Savage describes the opposite effect — a child star who while not necessarily being the cutest kid or young adult, grows up to be extremely successful and attractive.


Patrick Dempsey. Let’s be honest: When Dempsey was whoring it up as a part-time gigolo/pizza delivery boy in Loverboy (aka Most Underrated Movie of All-Time), part of the joke was that this nerdy kid was getting PAID to have sex with various trophy wives. Now, as the star of the hit ABC show Grey’s Anatomy, he has a freaking nickname referencing his unbearable hotness — Dr. McDreamy. This is one Reverse Savage we’d like to order with extra anchovies, please.

Jerry O’Connell. Fat kid from Stand By Me grows up, takes the weight off, marries Supermodel. If the Reverse Savage had a theorem, its answer would be the square root of Jerry O’Connell.

michael cera.JPG
Michael Cera. An interesting example as he’s right in the middle of his Reverse Savage. In Arrested Development, his dry wit and sincere face drew raves. Now, it seems his face is catching up to his incredible talent — he was ADORABLE in Superbad. And at 19, he’s got a good 5 more years to fully realize his Reverse Savage potential. If the unlimited amount of underage play he’s getting now is any indication, this will be possibly the most groundbreaking Reverse Savage of the 21st century.

USAGE: “Did you see the latest pictures of that kid from Billy Elliot? Holy God, did that kid pull a Reverse Savage, or what?”

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