Rihanna Couple

  • NECTAR FROM THE GODS: Volkswagen and Apple jnoining forces to build the iCar?? No… mtrhrfking… way. Sorry for all the tuypos, I’m sending this post remotley while camping out at the Apple store. (MSNBC)
  • FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS: On one hand, 24/Sizzler claims a friend of Rihanna’s said that the singer has no interest in dating Shia LeBeouf and that they’re just friends. Some people, on the other hand, refuse to believe this, based on the fact that NO ONE RESISTS THE LEBEOUF!!!
  • FAUX BOYCOTT: Remember how Barnes and Noble wasn’t going to carry the O.J. Simpson book in its stores? Turns out that was just because there wasn’t enough demand, and it also turns out, there now is enough demand, so… yayyy capitalism. (Yahoo!)
  • CONCERT EVENT OF THE CENTURY: Foghat is slow ridin’ into to downtown Pittsburgh to kick off the 2007 Rib Fest. Also, only one original member of Foghat (the drummer) is still alive and touring with the group. Ahh, my hometown music scene… (Post-Gazette.com)
  • C*CKTEASERS: Reading about the new “Lost” characters and watching “Office” teasers is like starving to death on a desert island and reading cookbooks, and the cookbooks also have “Office” teasers in them somehow.
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