How Many of You Bought Your Office DVD’s Yesterday?


the office season 3.JPGI admit it… I effed up yesterday. Why? Because I headed to Best Buy after a long, hard day of blogging yesterday with the intention of dorking out hard core extreme style and getting the special edition DVD set of The Office Season 3, replete with miniature Dwight Bobble head (the perfect choking hazard for your little loved one!) and a life-sized replica of a Dundie Award. I’m not above silly work desk accoutrement, folks — just ask the inflatable astronaut, stuffed Aflac duck and “unicorn picking his nose” magnet that greet me every morning about it — and what better way to tell your co-workers that you’re unhealthily obsessed with a tv show than a replica of an award you didn’t even win!

Sadly, by the time I got to Best Buy, all of you OTHER Office fans desperate for your co-workers attention had already beat me to it — they were sold out! Despite the help of a friendly Best Buy worker, I was stuck with a difficult decision: Wait til the next shipment of Boxed Sets arrived, or walk away with only the DVDs. It then occurred to me that I was getting upset over a PLASTIC REPLICA OF A FAKE REWARD. (Full disclozhe: Officetally claims the NBC store will be selling Dundees soon enough!) So I merrily purchased Season 3, and spent the rest of the evening unshunning my own laughter. The deleted scenes alone make the set worth its weight in gold (which, on second thought, isn’t that much), and the commentaries are hilarious.

But our favorite part of the set has to be the Blooper reel — knowing that these actors are not robots, and that they themselves die laughing during taping. And thanks to a generous and unlazy Youtube user, we’d like to present to you the Season 3 blooper reel.

The second half of the reel is after the jump — so, did any of you pick up either of the special editions at either Best Buy or Target? Tell us what we’re missing!

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