What’s the Verdict On This Meg White Sex Tape? Real? Or Just Really Hot?


Meg WhiteA possible Meg White sex tape, huh? I’m not going to link the video, it’s pretty explicit, but if you’ve ever used those so called “surfing engines” before, it is very possible that you might get lucky and happen upon the video after the three to four hours of searching it usually takes to track down a leaked sex tape. However, none of the blogs appear to agree on whether or not it’s actually Meg White. Rather than wait for any official confirmation, here are my thoughts on the matter, then leave your well-informed conclusions in the comments:

It isn’t Meg White

  • She looks younger, and less pale than Meg.
  • Despite the frank vulgarity, shots of her face are ambiguous and obscured, possibly to an intentional degree.
  • She keeps a terrific rhythm (HAWWW!!! only one to think of this joke)

It is Meg White

  • The White Stripes recently cancelled their Austin City Limits appearance over “intense anxiety.” Anxiety caused by, perhaps, the knowledge that a leaked sex tape was looming???
  • This is the first time I’ve ever written “Meg White” in a blog headline. She’s clearly aware of the lengths she has to travel to accomplish this.
  • Sex was done in a gritty, dirty blues style reminiscent of Robert Johnson.
  • The lack of movement in the Vanessa Hudgens nude photos left us all with a sex tape void, which the celebrity cosmos was overdue to provide. Meg White is a worthy but believably random candidate, and these things always just kind of happen.

So what do people think? I’m kind of leaning in the direction of it not actually being her, but I’m still not sure. Better watch this at least sixty, seventy more times.

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