BWE’s Top 3 Favorite (Allegedly) Gay Black TV Actors From Yesteryear, Based On Internet Rumors


We know what you’re thinking: How on Earth can one rank their favorite allegedly gay black actors from TV shows that are no longer on the air? Well, it’s not easy, but after hours of consideration, we think we’ve done it. So, without further ado, here are our Top 3 Favorite (Allegedly) Gay Black TV Actors From Yesteryear:

JAMES AVERY.jpg3. James Avery, i.e. Philip Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Wait a second… there’s no way that big, burley, bear of a man who’s fictional sperm created Carlton, Hilary and Ashley is (allegedly) gay! And you might be right. Sure, this listing of James “claims” that he’s married to a woman named “Barbara“, but really — what sort of man is able to groom a beard so precisely? And if you caught the double meaning on that last sentence, you’re probably ahead of us. A Google search of “James Avery” + “Gay” returned nearly 39,000 results… could this mean nothing, or mean everything? Because, if it were up to us, James Avery and Will Smith would spoon each other all the livelong day.

Also, who knew he was the voice of Shredder on the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turles cartoon?

REGINALD VJOH copy.jpg2. Reginald VelJohnson, i.e. Carl Otis Winslow on Family Matters. Let’s face it: Carl Winslow is the second gayest cop around after the one in The Village People. The neat stache, creased poly pant, holster… ok, we have no idea where we’re going with this, but there’s definitely something there. Reginald’s IMDB forum is rife with gay rumors, with a couple of “Is He Dead?”‘s thrown in for good measure, and one asking if he’s “God” (Answer: Obvs).

Some internet rumors actually suggest that Reg V-J and James Avery were having an affair with each other, which is clearly impossible… if that was really happening, the world would have imploded in some sort of alternate universe orgasm which resulted in a force field so fabulous that no planet could withstand its fierceness. In other news, we’re pretty sure this guy is actually gay. Allegedly.

And in unrelated news, Urkel is straight. Do any ladies want any cheeeese?

THE SHERM.jpg1. Sherman Hemsley, i.e. George Jefferson on The Jeffersons, i.e. Deacon Ernest Frye on Amen. Your reaction right now is probably the same one we had when this nugget of shock was pelted at our brain folds: “NO WAY!” Well, if internet rumors are anything to go by (and, for the record, they are everything to go by)… WAY. Our sources indicated (allegedly) that The Sherminator does, indeed, prefer to broad shoulder of the Reverend Reuben Gregory versus the puny nagging of Weezy.

A Google search of The Sherm + Gay produces a measly 13,500 results, but this particular forum thread claims that Sherm’s sexual orientation led to some problems on the set with Isabella Sanford. And if the picture to your right is any indication, he doesn’t seem super-psyched to have her hands all touchin’ up on his chest, girrrrl. The very same forum also claims Sherman was in some gay porn movies, which is the kind of thing I’m dying to see, if only to have a heart attack from laughing so hard.

In other news, this picture ain’t helping Sherm’s case at all.

HONORABLE MENTION: Charles S. Dutton. No, he’s probably not gay, but no list revolving around kick ass Black Actors from yesteryear could leave out ROC! That sh*t was live, son!

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