IN ODDER NEWS: Skully Loaded



  • We can’t get enough of the Skull-A-Day blog, where an artist is creating a skull out of everyday household objects over the course of a year. And while we realize the effectiveness of using tampons for this proj, if there is a God, that won’t be happening. (JK, we would love it.)
  • Police who break the rules in Thailand will be forced to wear Hello Kitty armbands as a form of shame. Those who break the rules a little too often will likely be labeled as “an actual homosexual.”
  • A man in Utah North Dakota (same diff?) shot himself to death while trying to disprove a theory seen on the morbid crime show Forensic Files. Thankfully, the man will get his due on television, as the lead story on America’s Dumbest A**holes.
  • Next time you’re speeding down a suburban street, and you spot some kids playing boxball in a yard, don’t bother slowing down… they’re probably just cardboard signs.
  • BEST VIDEO OF THE DAY: A woman’s beloved dog dies, she buries him in a pet cemetary, and locals get pissed. What’s the problem? Oh, maybe that the dog’s tombstone says “R.I.P Sh*thead.” For serious. Long live Pam Brown.
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