THE BEST THING EVER: Bride Gets a Wedding Cake Shaped Like Herself



Ladies and gentlemen, meet my inspiration for living and breathing: Chidi Ogbuta, a bride in Texas who commissioned a wedding cake to be SHAPED EXACTLY LIKE HER, right down to the tears — er, tiers – of her wedding gown. I dont know, if my husband started stabbing away at my cake likeness on our wedding day — as the groom is up top — I’d be “kinda, sorta” worried.

The motivation behind the cake is simple. It’s been Chidi’s life-long dream to get a doll made to look like her, though we fear the actual cake bears more of a resemblance to Tracy Morgan than the delightfully mentally unstable Chidi:


So who is the lucky man who will be spooning his lovely lady cake for the rest of eternity? Let’s take a close look at the face of the man lucky enough to land a lady like this:


Anyone want to pitch a show to the Food Network based on the above story called Face of Cakes? It would be about extreme giant human people cakes. Anyway, Congratulations Chidi! You are officially January 7, 2008’s “Reason to Live”! You can check out undoctored photos of the couple over at

Ed. Update: Because no one seems to be commenting on what is hands down the best thing we’ve seen all year, here’s a kick-off question: Do you like cake?

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