Seventeen-Year-Old NBC President Lashes Out At Nerdy Writers For Their Meanypants Strike


Ben SilvermanNBC President Ben Silverman isn’t taking the cancellation of the Golden Globes lightly. In fact, he’s taking it rather bitchily. Rather exceedingly, outspokenly bitchily. So bitchily, in fact, that if you look up the definition of “bitch” on Wikipedia in a couple seconds after I’ve edited it, you will find a huge picture of Ben Silverman. According to E! Online (via Defamer):

Earlier Monday, NBC Entertainment cochief Ben Silverman told E! News anchor Ryan Seacrest that the network was “obviously trying to find a solution to satisfy fans of these great movies and all the incredible stars who have worked so hard all year and got this incredible opportunity.

“Sadly, it feels like the nerdiest, ugliest, meanest kids in the high school are trying to cancel the prom. But NBC wants to try to keep that prom alive.”

Yes, this quote contains the expected caliber of self-serving ignorace that you’d expect from any flippant comment by a network president who’s just been robbed of millions of dollars, but what truly bothers me about the quote is how little sense this analogy makes.

First off, the ugliest, nerdiest kids in the school are never the meanest. In fact, they’re usually the exact opposite of the meanest kids in the school, short of maybe some nerdy Halo Online trash talk in the case of some of the more alpha nerds, but nothing major.

Secondly, since when do ugly, nerdy wallflowers try to cancel the prom? Don’t they just avoid it? Is he thinking of some nonexistant 80s teen comedy where Anthony Michael Hall is one step away from rigging the disco ball to spray everyone with slime but he falls through the vent and lands on the prom queen and their eyes lock and they end up together?

My point is, unless Ben Silverman wants to sink his resources into going back in time and creating that movie so he can draw a parallel to it, he should probably shut up. Also, I would call the movie “Prom Kings”.

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