FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Most Anti-Semitic Ad Ever?


Kudos to the Advertising Team behind the brilliant Public Storage ad campaign. In their latest ad, they figured the the best way to tell the American Public about the amazing bargains going down in their oversized orange garages was by having a Jewish woman kvetch over the value of a dollar.

As a woman of Hebraic descent, I super-appreciated the message here. Watching the commercial at my desk, dressed like Minnie Pearl at a Russian outdoor market, 6 AM on a Sunday, it made me proud to know that my roots were being boiled down to the essence of a casual Loehmann’s shopper arguing to get 10 percent off of a $3000 gown because it’s missing a sequin. (Note: I have done this, but still.)

For those of you that couldn’t follow that rant (all of you), a rephrasing: The following commercial suggests that Jewish people are tight with money, and also have a lot of things in their garage. I guess we should just be thankful that the slogan isn’t “Public Storage: The Final Solution For All Of Your Junk!

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