LOST RECAP: The Oceanic Six vs Shady New People, Daniels From The Wire, And The Island Itself


A couple talking points I’d like to raise about last night’s “Lost” premiere, because we can’t all gather around a giant water cooler (or can we?):

LostWho Are The “Oceanic Six”?

In his flash-forward, Hurley referred to the “Oceanic Six,” presumably the six survivors who managed to return to land after being stranded on the island. We can assume Jack and Kate, based on last year’s finale, are two others, but who are the remaining three? If I had to guess, I’d imagine:

Sawyer, based on his main character-ness (and Kate’s reference to “he’ll be wondering where I was” in the Season 3 finale), Sun, so she can have her baby on the mainland, and Claire, who seems incredibly unlikely to die.

Even if we assume Locke and cancer-surviving Rose prefer to stay on the island, where does this leave Sayid, Jin, and Desmond? Is there going to be an epiphany later in the series that makes everyone rethink leaving the island, much as Locke has already gone through? Or are a bunch of people going to die?

Alllllthough… if Claire leaves and takes her baby, would that count as two of the six? And would Sun leave without Jin? Maybe they’ll discover something about the island’s super baby healing powers (or super not-letting-babies-leave powers), which would keep the moms on the island and probably result in Sayid and Desmond/Juliet taking the other two spots. It’s like “Sophie’s Choice,” but six times harder to choose!

Jacks DadJacob’s Cabin Can Move And Has Jack’s Dad Inside It

The Jacob’s Cabin scene from the home stretch of Season 3 was exceedingly bizarre, but last night established some more rules about what the cabin can do: THERE ARE NO RULES!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

And yes, in the split second Hurley peers into the cabin, he sees Jack’s dad, as someone confirmed on the Lost Wiki probably .0003 seconds after the scene aired. This wouldn’t be the first time someone’s estranged father magically appeared on the island, but why would Hurley see Jack’s father? Does Jacob have some crazy, cryptic purpose for all this, or did they just not want to find another actor?

Beautiful MindHurley Is Living Through “A Beautiful Mind”

After continued hallucinations of his dead friend Charlie, Hurley finally has a brief conversation with the specter of his friend, who tries to convince him that “they need you” in a manner that appears to be Hurley just wrestling with a guilt of which he is already aware. Does this mean that Hurley’s encounter with Jack was all in his head too? Jack didn’t seem crazy and didn’t have a Scott Niedermayer playoff beard, meaning this flash-forward took place before the one in the Season 3 finale, or that Hurley’s turned into John Nash and should be expecting Oscars to be dumped on his doorstep any second now (which will only bring him bad luck).

DanielsLt. Daniels From “The Wire” Guest Stars As Shady McShaderson!

Forget the Regulars vs The Others battle — between Naomi’s yet-unidentified companions parachuting onto the island, a guy approaching Hurley in a mental institution claiming to be from Oceanic, and Jack pleading with Hurley not to “tell them where he is”, there’s at least one more group (or three unrelated groups) trying to get to the Oceanic Survivors. Could it be Oceanic itself??? Is it some magical corporation with invisible, shapeshifting Jacob as its CEO? Or is Oceanic just the tip of some mystical iceberg? Or does the island itself (RE: “It didn’t want us to leave”) have some power over all those who leave it?

All these questions and more will surely be answered — probably never. I just hope Ben gets to a river in the next episode and stops looking like Bruce Willis at the end of a “Die Hard” movie.

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