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Tonight is the final episode Friday Night Lights was able to complete this season before the Writers Strike shut down work on new scripts. While NBC has yet to formally announce the fate of the show after tonight, here is the latest word from around the web.

When asked outright if he plans to keep FNL on the air, NBC President Ben Silverman smugly told Radar Magazine to “watch 30 Rock”, then continued to stroke the peacock feathers of FNL’s more successful sibling series by declaring 30 Rock to be “the best show on TV”. When further pressed about the original question, Silverman bemoaned the fact that “no one watches Friday Night Lights”. Well Ben, maybe its because you’re telling everyone to watch 30 Rock, which is indeed a great show, but is there some new NBC policy stating you can only have one quality series at a time and everything else has to be American Gladiators chasing down Biggest Losers? Sounds like someone could use a stern talking-to from Coach Taylor. Clear eyes, full hearts, Silverman!

If that’s the grim future FNL is facing in the NBC family, does our neglected orphan series stand any chance of being adopted by a warmer, more understanding foster home network? Entertainment Weekly takes a look at the chances of NBC shopping the show around to a competitor or one of its own sister cable networks. Personally, I don’t care if they put the show on PAX at 4am on Tuesdays, canceling a young show of such rare quality because its not pulling down the same ratings as “People Shouting At Suitcases With Howie Mandel” is unsportsmanlike conduct towards viewers.

Finally, E! Online makes their own passionate plea to save the series with a list of 3 things you can do to help KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!

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