LIGHTS ON: The Top 5 Reasons NBC Shouldn’t Cancel Friday Night Lights


whatwouldrigginsdo.jpg[Remember – stay tuned to the Dillon Panthers Booster Club, sign our petition to Save Friday Night Lights, and send light bulbs to NBC as a symbol of your support.]

5. Ratings Aren’t Everything – Because of NBC’s commitment to ridiculous literalism, Friday Night Lights airs on Friday nights, which as you may have realized, isn’t the biggest “stay home and watch the tube” evening of the week, meaning that many of the people who love and watch the show (myself included) do so on our DVR’s. Additionally, as many people were late to the party on this one, one has to factor in all the people currently catching up with NBC’s full episodes streaming online who will be as die-hard about new episodes of the show as soon as the next season start. And considering that FNL was one of the only shows still available to content-hungry viewers in the latter weeks of the writers strike, I would be willing to bet that the fanbase the show needs to breakthrough its ratings barrier will be in place at the beginning of the 3rd season, should NBC be wise enough to give it one.

4. Canceling Right Now Would Be An Act Of Cruelty – I wouldn’t call where we’re at right now a cliffhanger. If this were to be the end of the series, it would feel more like a suicidal swan dive into an infinite abyss of broken-hearted frustration. I realize that, in the existential sense, life never guarantees the answers to our many questions, but come on, we’ve got an ensemble cast of characters and storylines a lot of people have spent over 40 hour-long episodes becoming emotionally invested in. You have to give us something. Hell, even other canceled cult series like Arrested Development and Freaks & Geeks knew their fate far enough in advance to wrap things up a bit. Never getting to find out how the Panthers season ends, or whether Riggins ever tricks Lyla back into bed with him, or if Coach’s Daughter ever grows up and stops being a spoiled brat? That’s just cruel.

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3. The Show’s Potential Audience Is Infinite – Friday Night Lights’ failure to catch on with the TV-watching masses is a clear testament to the way its been mishandled and poorly promoted by NBC. I mean, it’s an intelligently-produced show about ridiculously attractive high school kids playing football, having life dramas, and dealing with their small town friends and family, all of whom are also ridiculously attractive. What’s not to like? It literally appeals to everyone. Personally, I couldn’t care less about sports or the small-town subject matter, but the quality of the show’s writing – some of the best on television – elevates rural American inanity to high art without ever feeling elitist or “high-brow”. It’s too bad NBC continually fails to realize they’re sitting on a potential for broad audience appeal that could make The Office look like a cult hit.

2. A Cast Full of Rising Stars – One of the things that makes FNL such an amazing show is its stellar cast. From Riggins to Street, Lyla to Landry, Saracen to Smash, Coach Taylor to Buddy Garrity, the actors all possess an iconic quality that transcends TV characterization, instead bringing their roles to life on-screen in ways that make them seem as vivid and familiar to us as our friends and family. And being so easy on the eyes, almost any of the members of the FNL ensemble could become crossover movie stars, which means one thing for NBC should they leave the show on the air: ratings.

1. Because There’s Currently Not Enough Good TV To Cancel A Great Show – Maybe an incredibly-written drama with great actors playing compelling characters won’t ever pull down the big “steroid abusers in spandex fighting each other with nerf sticks” ratings of American Gladiators, but given the care and promotional consideration NBC reserves for shows like the one about whose dad is the best, Friday Night Lights will finally find an audience more indicative of its quality.

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