• PROTEST: Friday Night Lights isn’t the only great show on television in need of saving. Shave your head and send your hair to ABC to Save Cavemen. (Vulture)
  • COMING OF AGE: Jews have Mitzvahs. Christians have Super Sweet Sixteen Parties. Hiltons have too much to drink and get arrested for DUI. The circle of life continues. (TMZ)
  • COLLECTION PLATE: The Passion of the Christ screenwriter is suing Mel Gibson for back-end profits he claims to have not yet received. He apparently must have some kind of problem with being paid in prayers. (Defamer)
  • SHAKESPEARE: Get the Best Screenplay Oscar ready, because Michael Bay announced that he has written Transformers 2. WITH HIS D*CK! (ComingSoon)
  • IGNORE REQUEST: Bill Gates has quit using his Facebook account, probably because it’s difficult to run a 40 billion-a-year company while spending so much of your time biting chumps. (Fimoculous)
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