Let’s face it: It’s Tuesday after the Oscars, gossip columnists are tucked into their little desk drawers taking a well-deserved nap, and other than Jimmy Kimmel‘s newfound love with America’s new favorite human being ever Ben Affleck, there really isn’t that much going on today. So as per usual, I headed over to Youtube to see what sort of deliciously weird nuggets I could find. It is there that I discovered an extremely strange trend happening on the internet… people (and by people, I mean funny gay guys) creating Mommie Dearest Remixes. Really, there must be like… a little over a dozen. Still! You don’t see any Mrs. Doubtfire remixes, do you? Oh, you do? Moving along…

While most of these Mommie Dearest remixes are campy perfection (specifically this perfectly timed “Slapping Redux”), perhaps our favorite one is this Ibiza-worthy 7 minute and 45 second epic techno version created by the brilliantly named Thee Werq’n B!tches, entitled “No Wire Hangers!” We may have just stumbled across the Gayest Thing on the Internet, and frankly, we’ve never been more delighted.

“Tear down that BITCH of a bearing wall and put a window where it OUGHT to be!”

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